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Fast, flexible and fervent sourcery-and-supply of anything and everything the modern office could ever wish for – that’s the name of our game. What can we supply? What the hell can’t we. We’re no ‘catalogue’ – we’re a source-and-supply concierge with a world-class blend of knowledge and passion to boot.

We’ve been serving businesses and organisations with a smorgasbord of supplies for over a decade. Yes, yes, the every day bread-and-butter consumables, sure thing. But, oh boy, the hard-as-hell-to-finds, the nigh-on-impossibles, the blow-your-socks-off statement pieces, and would you believe it the odd lizard or two.

Put simply… we can source any thing and supply it to any where. We can manufacture to your preferred style, customise to your exact spec and heck, we offer white label printing with easy online print management, and we can brand anything you can fit your name on – (except your granny, but never say never, right?).

We’ll find, pack, wrap, ship and deliver to your desk on time and on budget. Saving you a ton of time, a bundle of boodle and heaps of hassle, so you’re free to focus on what matters – facing down an intimidating new world of unprecedented change.

DC Direct Services


Guarantee your employees' safety.

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Printspiration for knock-out impact.

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Inks & Toners

To fit any machine, old or new.

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Promo Material

Personalise anything you can put your name on.

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Copier Division

Affordable solutions to get you rolling.

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Import / Export

Anything you need. Wherever you need it.

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From single pieces to made-to-measure solutions.

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From core essentials to personalised repeat orders.

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What can we supply?

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DC Direct Clients

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Check out our latest online catalogue for the whole kit and caboodle of supplies and consumables. Can't see what you're looking for? Need customisation or white labelling? We're ready to help.

Real Estate Service

DC Direct is my go-to for just about everything, during the pandemic my account manager has been available 24/7 to ensure we have had everything we've needed to operate safely.