Branded Products


Branded Products?

Establishing a brand can often be a slog, with years of grafting set as backdrop for your potential success. Along this journey, you may tend to be more focused on clients, finance and operations letting marketing slack as a side result. But never forget that marketing can sometimes be easy as putting your mark on a product.

Use your logo as a weapon to put your brand on people’s desks or home spaces. Whilst we understand that a cheap tacky pen with your brand on it might not push the buttons of prospective investors and clientele (it being archetypal hallmark for branded goods), there are other options at your disposal. What about an engraved note pad or a sleek sturdy water bottle marked with your insignia? Or your own set of electronics like headphones that staff might use showcasing your brand. The options are endless and all we’d like to do is open your mind to the thought process, that if you can see it, it can be branded.

Used anecdotally the pen can be great opener if it’s done right, depending on market brand position and end clientele. Let’s say you’re a high-class Law Firm, you could think about Parker pen that hosts a message inscribed on the side of it accompanying your logo. Slick and of obvious quality it would be something that people would want to keep.

Perhaps your staff are clad in PPE and interact with customers in some fashion. The simple and obvious answer here is to get your logo on the back of a high vis, stitched into a work polo t-shirt or on the front of a hard hat. All which is easily possible and just requires a bit of thought and guidance, something at DC Direct we can provide.

Why not produce your own range of goods within the market you participate in? Perhaps you operate in a market where your product offering could be easily manufactured and all it required was your stamp. You could sell this on marketplaces like Amazon, controlling the pricing structure and reaping the benefits of better margin due to it being your own line. One of the great things about DC Direct is that we can help. With over 15 years of experience, we specialise in branded goods and offer support and can manufacture specialist orders through our support network. You tell us what you need and we’ll source/sort it.

If this guide wasn’t enough to stir some ideas, why not have a look at our branded catalogue.

If you’re after good old stationery, then we can help with that too – see our full product offering on our online shop.