Do Sanitising & Antibacterial Wipes Kill Viruses


Do Wipes Kill Viruses?

Antibacterial wipes are a quick and convenient solution for everyday sanitising of hands and surfaces but do sanitising and antibacterial wipes kill viruses?

All wipes stocked and manufactured by DC Direct are capable of eliminating numerous viruses and germs including E. coli and the coronavirus, however, as with all cleaning products, it is important to always read the labels to ensure the type selected is suitable for your intended use and is formulated to provide the expected protection.

Antibacterial wipes are designed to kill bacteria, and not all antibacterial wipes will be effective on the coronavirus as this is a virus and not a bacteria. DC Directs range of wipes are effective on both bacterias and viruses including coronavirus.

Why Use wipes?

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Facilities with effective cleaning regimes are found to have far less reported illness, antibacterial wipes are towelettes pre-soaked with an active ingredient to provide effective disinfection exactly where it is required without the need for a water supply or measuring out of cleaning fluids.

Cleaning cloths are often redipped in a bucket which can be a cause of the spread of harmful germs, single-use disposable antibacterial wipes can prevent this cross-contamination.

The World Health Organisation WHO say washing hands with soap and water fights viruses, bacteria and disease. Soap and water are not always readily available. Antibacterial wipes offer an effective alternative. A pre-moistened towelette with sanitising formula which is tough on germs.

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Different Types of Wipes

All wipes stocked and manufactured by DC Direct are EN Certified and are capable of killing eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria including Coronavirus.

All of our wipes are supplied with datasheets and instructions detailing suitable applications and intended uses.

There are many different formulas that can be applied to towelettes to meet different needs and standards.

Virus and Germ Facts

Germs can survive for up to three hours on your hands.

The average office desk houses over 10 million bacterial organisms almost a third more than that found on toilets.

Up to 100% of communicable bacteria are eliminated after cleaning a keyboard with an antibacterial wipe.

It takes as little as four hours for employees to spread infectious germs including staphylococci and E. coli to 50% of their coworkers.

The use of antibacterial wipes on high touch point areas including Tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks – can reduce the spread of infections viruses and germs by up to 99%.

We hope this blog has answered the question do sanitising & antibacterial wipes kill viruses, for more information on DC Directs range of sanitising wipes contact us.