Office Consumables

DC Direct offers the perfect one-stop shop for all your workplace office consumables. In sync with your own working regime & convenience, we have bought together all your replenishable essentials under one roof, from refreshing beverages, and tasty sweet and savoury snacks, to pens, pencils, note pads, paper, inks, presentation products. Along with anything else you can think of to keep your workplace running smoothly. Our simple and flexible ordering will always help you keep your workplace fully stocked. 

We know that if there’s one drink synonymous with mornings its coffee, at DC Direct we have got it covered, select from our stylish range of bean to cup machines, expresso machines, grinders or filter coffee machines, we’ve got one to suit every workplace and every budget. We also supply a wide range of coffee pods, sachets and instant granules, so whether your team start their day with a cappuccino, a flat white or a mocha you will have the perfect solution at hand.

If you prefer to put the kettle on, we also supply an extensive range of teas and infusions in bold flavours, full of antioxidants and polyphenols to boost energy levels, from traditional breakfast teas from the most popular tea brands to a selection of fruit and herbal flavoured teas in individually wrapped or envelope tea bags, theirs a brew to suit every palette.

Our simple, straight forward ordering means you always have the stock you need to keep your cupboards topped up with essential office supplies. Alongside we have the sugars, sweeteners, milk creamers, stirrers and all those extras for the perfect beverage every time. 

For your cold drinks needs we offer a refreshing supply of soft drinks, sparkling drinks, juices and cold presses from your favourite brands. We can even do your daily milk deliveries!

Show you care about the health and wellbeing of your colleagues with an office fruit basket delivery. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, our fruit baskets delivered direct to your workplace reminds your workforce you care and encourages them to choose to snack healthy, helping towards their five a day. A delivery of a fresh fruit basket to your workplace, provides a nourishing fruit snack full of vitamins and minerals to re-energise and refocus colleagues and encourage wellness and a feeling of wellbeing. Studies show healthy employees drive a healthy business.

At DC Direct we also supply vending machines stocked with your choice of biscuits, cakes, chocolates, savoury snacks and crisps for those with inevitable afternoon cravings or just feeling peckish moments.

To keep your workplace kitchen in tip-top condition, we can provide you with all the essentials such as cleaning products, bin bags, napkins and selection of sanitisers to vanish the worry of germs.

We know you’re busy, so to make our services quick and simple for you, you’ll be able to find everything you need for your workplace consumables in one place and this can be flexibly tailored to your workplace. So, when you are ordering your office supplies don’t forget to include your orders for beverages, snacks and fruit baskets. Contact us for assistance.